— Adam Lambert, Queen

A show as extravagant as Elton's career”

— St Petersburg Times

His antics, his contagious smile”

— The Sun Times Arkansas

You IS Elton!”

— Meghan Trainor

Rus as Elton John is AMAZING!”

— Jimmy Fallon -E!

Anderson sartorials it up, with Elton John's signature aplomb!”

— NBC Los Angeles

Elton John Tribute The Rocket Man Show Rus Anderson Rocketman Russ Anderson

About The Rocket Man Show

This is Elton!   

Crash land into your seat with The Rocket Man Show, starring Scotsman Rus Anderson - Elton John's official body double for various 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road' world tour projects.

Hand picked by Elton John & David Furnish for the role, it was Rus' own live Broadway-esque production 'The Rocket Man Show' which got him noticed.
In the show, you witness the magic & live persona of a young Elton, recreated like no other. Rus storms around the stage with a fun-loving sense of flamboyance; part diva, part soccer player, killer vocalist, fierce piano player, all rock & roller.

The Rocket Man Show is a regular feature on many of the most prestigious & famous stages across the USA, from legendary rock clubs to opera houses. 
Rus' painstaking attention to detail includes wearing gorgeous, colorful & spectacular costumes - including Elton's iconic boots, glasses & jumpsuits from the 70's, as well as sparkly Swarovski tuxedos from the 80's. Many of the items were owned by Elton & worn at various live concerts.

Now part of The Broadway Series, the performance itself is an extremely sincere, intense & visual spectacle of a journey. With the perfect blend of humor, cabaret, costuming, tales from the road, ballads & thunderous rock songs, audiences laugh, cry, sing & dance as they recall the highs & lows of Elton's epic career. Rus Anderson has been officially hired by Elton John himself to re-enact some of his most memorable moments. How's that for a resume?

As well as being on-stage, Rus & the team are actively involved with many film, tv, radio & podcast projects, as well as worldwide product launches & special events, including Elton John's official Roblox game experience.  

Rus' portrayal of Elton has been described as “Amazing”  by Jimmy Fallon & “Phenomenal”  by Queen's Adam Lambert. The Rocket Man Show has quickly joined the list of must-see tickets in town & is perhaps summed up best by “All About That Bass” megastar Meghan Trainor who claims “You IS Elton!”

It's one small step for man…one giant leap for Elton John Fans.

See you at the show!


Rus Anderson Elton John Tribute Rocket Man

View from stage (pictured @ Van Wezel Perf Arts Ctr)

Rus Anderson Elton John Tribute Rocket Man

Rocket Man! (pictured @ Mahaffey Theatre)


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